Report: UEFA, Top Clubs to Discuss Radical Champions League Changes

Europe's top clubs will meet with UEFA to have a "brainstorming session" regarding the future of the Champions League and its structure.
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Europe's top clubs will meet with UEFA in Nyon, Switzerland, on Tuesday to discuss radical changes to the structure of the Champions League, which could lead to matches being played on weekends.

The meeting is considered a "brainstorming session" with a multitude of topics under discussion including a revamp of the Champions League qualification process into a simpler relegation and promotion format.

The alterations would come into effect following the 2024 season, with the major Premier League clubs said to be the most ardent critics of UEFA's structural proposals, out of fear of damaging the valuable television deals that has seen England's top flight become the wealthiest league in the world.

Although UEFA did not confirm the exact topics of discussion for the meetings, European football's governing body did confirm that the meetings will take place in a statement to Telegraph Sport.

UEFA's statement reads: "We can confirm that there will be an informal brainstorming session involving members of the Uefa Executive Committee and members of the ECA Board to discuss ideas and exchange views regarding club competitions post-2024 on Tuesday.

"Uefa will hold similar meetings with other stakeholder groups in the coming months, in order to allow for a proper consultation process before drawing up concrete proposals that could be studied more in-depth before any decisions are made."

UEFA's attempts to revamp Europe's elite footballing tournament come after a tumultuous year in which rumours continued to grow about a potential breakaway European Super League to replace the Champions League, led by Real Madrid.

While the advent of a European Super League appears unlikely at this time with UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin stating that it is a "fact" that the league will not exist, the potential Champions League changes could continue to raise anxiety amongst Europe's elite, particularly agitating the continuously more powerful Premier League clubs.