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August 17, 2019

Premier League clubs spent a record £221m covering the costs of injured players during the 2018/19 season, according to the Sports Injury Index 2019 from Marsh JLT Specialty.

The number of injured players reached an eight-year high last season, with 764 football-related injuries occurring which were likely a result of shorter holiday periods and the extra strain of the World Cup in Russia.

The Premier League's so-called top six were among the eight clubs which spent the most amount of money covering the costs of player injuries, while Crystal Palace and West Ham were also among the sides who spent more than £10m.

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In the fourth annual Football Injury Index, it's explained that champions Manchester City spent more than any other Premier League side to cover injuries last season, with a total outlay of £26.3m for their 44 first-team injuries.

Manchester United (£25.2m), who had a record 63 injuries, and Arsenal (£24.2m) were the final two top-six sides who spent over £20m on injuries last season, with West Ham (£22.8m) sitting fourth for their total costs.

Tottenham had the second-highest injury list last season at 61, but they were able to keep their costs at £17.9m, while Liverpool spent £15.2m on 50 injuries throughout the 2018/19 season - just an 11% increase for Jürgen Klopp's side since 2016.

Both Crystal Palace and Chelsea spent £11.5m on injuries last season, although Frank Lampard's side rank lower on the Football Injury Index thanks to thier lower cost per injury.

Wolverhampton Wanderers enjoyed both the fewest number of injuries and the smallest outlay covering the costs, having spent on average £100k on their 11 injuries during the 2018/19 season.

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