Report: Tottenham in Talks With José Mourinho After Mauricio Pochettino Firing

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Tottenham is in negotiations with José Mourinho as it looks to hire a replacement for former manager Mauricio Pochettino, according to SkySports

Pochettino was fired on Tuesday after five years with the club. He led Tottenham to the UEFA Champions League final in June before losing to Liverpool

Mourinho has logged three stints as a Premier League manager. He coached Chelsea from 2004-07 and 2013-15, and he was Manchester United's manager from 2016-18. 

The 56-year-old manager won the Premier League with Chelsea three times. He is a two-time Champions League winner, claiming the title with Inter Milan in 2009-10 and FC Porto in 2002-03.

Mourinho was dismissed by Manchester United in December 2018. 

Tottenham has gotten off to a slow start in the Premier League this season. The club sits 14th in the league with just three wins in 12 games.