Real Madrid's Stadium to Store COVID-19 Medical Supplies for Spain

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Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu Stadium will be used to store donated medical supplies to help combat the coronavirus outbreak in Spain.

The club and the country's High Council for Sport announced the stadium will collect private donations which will be passed on to Spanish health authorities.

"All of the stored supplies will be passed on to the Spanish health authorities, under the authority of the Spanish government, so that the resources, so necessary in the current health emergency situation, are employed in the best and most efficient manner," Real Madrid said in a statement.

"In addition, Real Madrid will provide a facility for organizations and businesses, particularly those belonging to the sports sector, to leave money or material donations that they wish to make to the Ministry of Health. "

The coronavirus outbreak is spreading quickly in Spain, which has 56,188 confirmed cases and over 4,000 deaths. Spain has surpassed China, where the COVID-19 pandemic began, in the number of deaths caused by the virus. Spain and Italy have the highest fatality rates in the world and their healthcare systems have been in short supply of protective equipment like masks and coronavirus tests for weeks.