Fox Analyst Jay Glazer Takes Victory Lap as Cristiano Ronaldo Joins Manchester United

Fox NFL analyst Jay Glazer is used to getting plenty of criticism online during the NFL season, but he was certainly surprised when he checked his mentions during the Super League saga in April. 

Glazer was mistaken on Twitter numerous times for a member of the Glazer family, who owns Manchester United. But after the Premier League squad landed Cristiano Ronaldo on Friday, it was Glazer's time to soak up the spotlight. 

"For all of you who were killing me to 'sell the team' for a team I don’t own in Man U a few months ago i am hereby officially receptive to alllll the love you’re now giving me for this Ronaldo news," Glazer tweeted Friday. 

"I will take FULL CREDIT as payment for prior harassment."

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Glazer will likely stick to the gridiron in 2021 and beyond. As for the family that owns Manchester United, they've had some serious success in the NFL of late. Malcolm Glazer bought the Buccaneers in 1995, and the franchise has won two Super Bowls since, including Super Bowl LV in February. Perhaps Manchester United can have similar success in the 2021 Premier League season with Ronaldo now aboard.

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