Jurgen Klopp Sounds Warning to Liverpool Players Ahead of Merseyside Derby

Liverpool face Everton in the Premier League on Tuesday evening. The Reds need a win to keep up in the title race and Klopp wants his squad to treat the derby like any other game.
Klopp wants Liverpool to stay focused
Klopp wants Liverpool to stay focused / Justin Setterfield/Getty Images
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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has urged his squad to keep their focus in the emotional environment of Tuesday's Merseyside derby against Everton.

The Reds picked up a big 3-1 win over Fulham last time out that helped keep them in the race for the Premier League title but, with Manchester City still in control of proceedings, every game is a crucial one for Liverpool.

Their next test comes in the face of a trip across the city to face Everton on Tuesday evening, and Klopp is well aware of the perils that come with such an emotional game.

"Goodison Park can create quite a good atmosphere as well," Klopp said ahead of the game. "They always look ready for the game. We have to make sure we are ready for this one.

"Derby fever will be in minds, so we have to be cool and that's an important part in preparing for the game."

Klopp acknowledged that Liverpool are facing an uphill battle to win the Premier League title but insisted that tends to be the case in any title race.

"Why should we not be able to [win] it now?" he said. "Yes, we don't have it in our own hands, who had that in the past all the time? City from time to time.

"We have to be there if somebody struggles, it was always the case. We cannot become the favourite overnight and have something to lose, that makes no sense. And be completely down, really down if we don't do this or don't do that. I cannot change that obviously, that's how everybody wants to see it or doesn't want to see it. It's just not the way I see it.

"For me, we are where we should be and now let's make really the absolute best of it. That's my idea, and if that means in the end we will win the league, I would be obviously quite happy. As long as there's a chance for that, I think we should give it a proper try."

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