Inter Miami Will Soon Unveil Sweet New Dolphins-Inspired Shirts

The purported leaks look awesome.
Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports
In this story:

Inter Miami FC will soon unveil Miami Dolphins-inspired kits this summer. The news was confirmed by the Miami Herald after a few weeks of rumors about the emergence of a third uniform option.

A rumored look at the aqua-themed kits has emerged online, featuring a not-to-scale image of Tua Tagovailoa towering over Lionel Messi. Reasonable minds can disagree but they look pretty slick.

Inter Miami has predictably ascended on the world stage as they brought in Messi last year and further leveraging the local market with tried-and-true threads is a really smart idea. Finding another way to move team merchandise could help the club continue its impressive marketplace surger.

Per the Herald:

Lionel Messi’s No. 10 pink Inter Miami shirt became the most-sold jersey of 2023 within 45 minutes of his jersey launch on, the league’s retail site, last summer, and became the most sold jersey in the history of within three days. Inter Miami also set an all-time unit and revenue record last season, despite being near the bottom of the standings most of the year.

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