Alexi Lalas Makes Awkward Justin Timberlake Reference, Tells England to Stop Whinging

Daniel Sturridge's reaction to Alexi Lasas' rant about England whinging.
Daniel Sturridge reacts to Alexi Lalas on EURO TODAY.
Daniel Sturridge reacts to Alexi Lalas on EURO TODAY. /
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England took on Denmark in Group C of Euro 2024 on Thursday. The match was broadcast on FS1 with Jules Breach, Giorgio Chiellini, Alexi Lalas and Daniel Sturridge in studio for the preview on EURO TODAY, which is when Lalas went in on England for being too talented to complain about anything.

Asked by Breach why England manager Gareth Southgate should make a change, Lalas went off on an animated rant about the Brits "whinging" and referenced a Justin Timberlake song. He made sure to mention the singer, who was recently arrested for DWI in the Hamptons, had a "hell of a week." Daniel Sturridge, a retired English player, couldn't seem to believe what he was hearing.

"I recognize I have a very small brain," Lalas said. "That brain is exploding right now. To quote the great Justin Timberlake, uh, whose had a hell of a week, cry me a river. OK? I mean... What's the word you guys use over there? Whinging? Is that what it is? This whinging that's going on right now is absolutely ridiculous. The embarrassment of talent. The wealth of ability that exists on this team. Figure. It. Out. Alright?"

Sturridge gave Lalas side eyes before hiding his face in his hand while Giorgio Chiellini mostly chuckled. Breach was also caught making a face as they stopped showing video of players warming up, but quickly recovered with a smile as Lalas finished his rant.

England and Denmark played to a 1-1 draw in the first half.

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