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Man City player ranked as #1 fastest-growing Twitch streamer over the past month on entire platform

Sergio Aguero has enjoyed a strong start to his Twitch career, becoming the fastest-growing streamer on the platform over the past month.
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Manchester City's Sergio Agüero has been revealed to be the number one fastest-growing Twitch streamer on the entire platform over the past month, reports eNews page Dexerto

Agüero, whose username on Twitch is SLAKUN10, has earned an impressive 857, 024 followers to his account over the past month. It brings his total to over one million. 

The Man City striker is one of football's most famous figures, so it is not that surprising to see the Argentine's turn to Twitch amid the pause in the football season has already earned him a strong following. 

On his account, Agüero typically streams himself playing video games such as Fortnite, FIFA 20 and Grand Theft Auto. His followers were also able to witness Agüero livestream a ten-minute phone call with international teammate Lionel Messi recently.

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