McDonough's voice cracked three different times during the Titans-Chiefs playoff game. 

By Daniel Rapaport
January 06, 2018

From a broadcasting perspective, the most noteworthy tidbit from the Titans-Chiefs playoff game was that it was Jon Gruden's last game in the booth before returning to coach the Raiders. But Sean McDonough's vocal chords had a memorable night as well. 

McDonough's voice cracked twice during the game, which turned out to be a wild 22-21 victory for Tennessee. The first time happened on an Eric Decker touchdown catch to cut Kansas City's lead to 21-16. 

That's a world-class voice crack, the type that sounds like a yodel. His voice betrayed him again in the final minutes, when it appeared Kansas City had forced a fumble and returned it for a touchdown, a play that would have given the Chiefs a lead with under two minutes remaining. (The runner was ruled down by contact, and the Titans eventually ran out the clock.)

It's really, really hard not to laugh when you hear a grown man's voice crack like that. That simple. 

Gruden, perhaps emboldened with the knowledge that this was his last game with McDonough, decided to call out his partner when the Titans were in victory formation. 

Not sure if McDonough was dealing with a sickness or if the electricity of playoff football got to him, but he gave us a good laugh. Nothing more, nothing less. 

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