Memory Lane: Jimmy Connors feels the burn

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Jimmy Connors gets treatment during the fourth round of Wimbledon in 1987. (AP)

Memory Lane is a recurring feature in which we dig through's photo archives for classic pictures.

If you watch a lot of soccer (and yes, my European friends, it kills me to call it "soccer"), you are no doubt familiar with "the magic spray." Anytime a player goes down, the physio/medic/coach's son runs out onto the field and whips out an aerosol can, sprays a three-foot diameter area that may or may not include the injured spot, and the player is magically all better. It's like they bottled Mr. Miyagi's magic. It's amazing.

So I've always been curious as to why the magic spray never took off in tennis. Surely it must work on tweaks and cramps, right? Then again, if our version of the magic spray looks like whatever the trainer is applying to Jimmy Connors, it's probably a good thing our sport has passed on it.