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Olympics quote roundup: Players sound off on 2012 Games

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Andy Murray had this to say on winning the gold medal: "The biggest win of my career for sure." (Icon SMI)

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From Andy Murray's therapy session-like press conferences to every player's observations on "Olympified Wimbledon," here are some of the best quotes from the tennis players at the Olympics:

• "I am satisfied. I think this is as good as I could do during these championships. Andy was much better than I was today in many aspects of the game. For me, it's been a great month. I won Wimbledon, became World No. 1 again, and I got silver. Don't feel too bad for me. I am very, very proud honestly to have won a silver... I felt like I won my silver, I didn't lose it. So I feel very, very happy."

- Roger Federer, after losing the gold medal match to Andy Murray.

• "In a lot of ways the scoreline is irrelevant. But, you know, when I look back on the match, it will be one that I'll look at as the biggest win of my career for sure. It's definitely one of the best matches I played. I dealt with all the situations that were in front of me well."

- Andy Murray, after beating Roger Federer in the gold medal match.

• "Let's face it, tennis players play to win Wimbledon. We play to win Australia. We play to win the U.S. Open. The Olympics is a bonus. So sometimes you get the bonus, sometimes you don't. In my eyes, I've gotten a bonus, so..."

- Serena Williams, on the stature of the Olympics compared to the Slams.

• "Well, if you asked me before the tournament, I would have said within tennis, a Wimbledon title, a Slam title is the most important thing to do in your career. But within sport, a gold medal is, for sure, the pinnacle. Everyone understands what a gold medal is. After what I experienced tonight, I mean, it would be right up there with anything else that I could achieve in tennis. So it's impossible to say because I've never won a slam before. I haven't won a gold medal before. But winning a silver medal at least feels really good. And losing in the final of a Grand Slam felt terrible (smiling)."

- Andy Murray after defeating Novak Djokovic in the semifinals, on which is more important, a gold medal or a Slam title.

• "We need to keep Wimbledon the way it is, quiet, white clothes. It's different than any Slam. If I want that feeling, I go play Roland Garros, Australia, or obviously New York. This is a special venue and a special feeling."

- Serena Williams, on the suggestion that Wimbledon adopt some of the rule changes seen at the Olympics.

• "We've won a lot of slams. Slams are awesome. I can tell you there's no better feeling than this right now. Winning for each other, for our team, but for our country. It brought a different level of intensity to our tennis this week. We were scraping and clawing on every point. To hear the national anthem and stand on top of the podium, we could shut our careers down today and be happy for the rest of our lives."

- Bob Bryan after winning the gold medal with brother Mike and completing the career Golden Slam.

• "People think I have to gobble up everything to make my résumé as great-looking as possible. It's not the case. I just play a full schedule from January to November, try to play as well as I can, and enjoy myself really."

- Roger Federer, on what's left on his tennis "bucket list".

• "They have the Mexican wave going basically after one set is unusual. That took me an entire tournament and four sets against Murray in the finals to get the first Mexican wave. Not that I need it. But it was nice to see. That, to me, summed it up, that it's a different atmosphere out there."

- Roger Federer, on the different feel of the Olympics compared to Wimbledon.

• "They started singing God Save the Queen in my warmup. You definitely wouldn't have that at Wimbledon, but it was very funny."

- Laura Robson, who was serenaded by the crowd in her opening singles match against Lucie Safarova.

• "Confidence is a funny thing. You sometimes underestimate how important confidence is. You don't ask yourself too many questions. You go out there, when it's important, you are able to thread the needle. It's the weirdest thing really. I don't want to say that I feel invincible right now, but I feel good."

- Roger Federer after his quarterfinal win over John Isner.

• "After the [Wimbledon] final, it was different to what I'd experienced before, the support, from friends, family, just people I bump  into in the street, you know, politicians, celebrities. Yeah, it was overwhelming. I'm not kind of used to that. I understand that sometimes in the past, you know, it wasn't always that easy to get behind me because on the court I didn't look particularly happy. But I think during Wimbledon, I think the buildup to the tournament, I just felt different on the court. I felt like I'd grown up a bit. I felt more mature. You know, I felt like my demeanor was better."

- Andy Murray, on the tremendous support he received from the British public after losing the Wimbledon final to Roger Federer.

• "When I was younger, I was always disappointed in Florida that they had a roof, because that always meant I had to practice when it rained. Then I started practicing in California, they didn't have any roofs, I was quite happy. But then it never rains there."

- Maria Sharapova goes on a tangent when discussing the benefits of the Centre Court roof.

• "Well, it's nice to hear something good about my backhand because it hasn't always been like that. I've worked very hard at it. Thanks to many players on tour, my backhand has gotten very good over the years, I do believe. You do play the weakness of your opponent. That used to be clearly definitely my weakness at the beginning of my playing days as a pro."

- Roger Federer in response to a journalist's question about how he got his "cool" backhand.

• “I’m usually pretty naïve about people’s knowledge of me, my career, what I’ve achieved. I try to be pretty humble about it, but the biggest mistake I’ve made in a long time was entering the cafeteria. I didn’t walk out eating any food. I barely got an orange juice. It was quite funny. Actually, I didn’t sign any autographs, it was just pictures. I felt like a little statue.”

- Maria Sharapova with a pretty spectacular humblebrag.

• "I've been sort of knocking on the door. Hopefully next time around I can sort of kick it down and make the most of it, really try and sort of find my way through this. I think if I can get through one of these, I think it just opens up a lot more doors."

- Milos Raonic after losing yet another tight match, this time to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, 25-23 in the third set.

• "I said it was always going to be a little weird. It's Wimbledon, but it's kind of not. I said it's like 'Olympified Wimbledon.' It's different. It's weird for us because we have history at this venue, but it's not quite the same thing. They're not the familiar faces working here. You don't really know anybody on a first-name basis. The routes are different. They're shutting off streets when they normally don't."

- Andy Roddick, on the unfamiliarity of 'Olympified Wimbledon'.

• "I think it's too bad that the site was so far from the Olympic Village. Also I think it would have been fair for everyone -- I'm saying I like to play on grass -- fair for everyone to play on hard court, it would have equaled it out a little bit.... Also I think it would have felt a bit more as an Olympics if it would have been at another place, at another site."

- Caroline Wozniacki, on her Olympic experience.

• "All of us, the Russian team, get together at the official Russian house, and we have dinners together. We have a few cooks that have come from Ukraine, which has been the best part. I'm the first one in line for the food all the time. I get it when it's warm. That's been great.... Can we do this at every Wimbledon? I'll pay for them."

- Maria Sharapova jokes about getting a proper Russian meal during the Olympics.

• "For me it's good because this is the only way, you know, to write my name in the history for the moment."

- Jo-Wilfried Tsonga after his record-breaking effort to beat Milos Raonic 25-23 in the third set of their second round match.

• "Kim understands tennis very well. Her dad's a tennis coach. Having her around after the Wimbledon final, which was obviously a very tough loss for me, was great. She helps pick me up. She was the only person really I saw for about four days after the final. Yeah, having her around helps."

- Andy Murray on the big public smooch he planted on girlfriend Kim Sears after beating Roger Federer.

• “I feel like it’s extremes with me right now. If I win one, it’s like career appreciation day. Then if I lose one, it’s like we should take him out into the field and shoot him in the head.”

- Andy Roddick, after his loss to Novak Djokovic.

• "I might. If it means winning a gold medal or losing one."

- Andy Murray, on whether he'll hit the ball hard at the women in mixed. His partner, Laura Robson, was not convinced. "Sometimes I'd like him to hit it harder at the girl, but he's too nice."

• "I think I'm the most happy of the world at this moment. After a really sad day two days ago, it's not easy to recover and to play these kind of matches. But I had energy into my body, into my heart, and that's help me to play this big challenge for me."

Juan Martin del Potro after beating Novak Djokovic to win the bronze.