Tennis TV comedy coming to Fox

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Greg Daniels has worked on Saturday Night Live, The Office, and The Simpsons. (Jason Redmond/AP)

Greg Daniels

Did you ever watch The Office and think "Man, I like this show, but you know what would make me love it? More tennis." Well have I got some good news for you.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Greg Daniels, the creator of the American version of The Office, has sold a comedy about a down-and-out professional tennis player to Fox.

The untitled single-camera comedy revolves around Richie, a mediocre professional tennis player who returns to his college town -- the scene of his greatness -- in order to reboot his life. There, he's caught between a lifestyle he never got to live -- embodied by his carefree, bar owning younger brother Tom -- and Kristen, the love of his life whom he'll have to grow up for in order to get.

No one has been able to do tennis justice on the big screen -- while we try and forget this, we know we can never escape it -- but there's good reason to believe that Daniels could turn it around for TV. He is, after all, also the man behind NBC's critically-acclaimed Parks and Recreation, and a former writer for Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons. Surely he understands the treasure trove of comedy that can be mined from tennis.

I mean, if 30 Rock can do it, surely Greg Daniels can.