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Daily Bagel: John McEnroe cannot see Roger Federer winning another Slam

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• Video: ATP Uncovered profiles Roger Federer, taking a look at his subpar 2013 season.

• Speaking of Federer, John McEnroe says the Swiss star won't be winning any more Grand Slams.

"I don't see at this stage him being able to go through all seven (rounds) and have to beat at least two of these (top) three guys.

"Maybe he would use that type of thing as incentive. When you've won 17, you clearly think you can win another one. To me, there comes a point, even as great as Roger has been for so many years, that it catches up to you a little bit," McEnroe added.

• And the ATP locker room smells blood in the water.

• Jimmy Connors opens up about his split from Maria Sharapova ... kind of.

Q. Your partnership ended abruptly after she lost her first match at a U.S. Open tuneup in Cincinnati. What happened?

A. No comment.

Q. Were you surprised?

A. I was just told my services were no longer needed. I wish her all the best, and I’ll always be a fan. Whenever this happens, it’s mutual.

Q. So was this a mutual decision?

A. It’s her decision for sure. She’s the player, not me.

• A lengthy read on the success of the Andy Murray-Ivan Lendl combination.

• When in NYC, do as the locals do. Venus Williams took a spin class at the ever-popular Flywheel studio to promote her clothing line.

• Bloomberg takes a look at Michael Russell's long career as an ATP journeyman.

• So many observers want to compare Federer's late career with Pete Sampras'.'s Kamakshi Tandon says: Don't.

For better in the sense that although Federer's chances at the upcoming US Open are not highly regarded, the Swiss is still seen as a bigger threat than Sampras was, particularly after taking Nadal to three sets in Cincinnati last week. His rank has fallen to seventh and he managed to win only a small event in Halle so far this year, but Sampras was No. 17 in 2002 after a two-year title drought.

For worse, Federer faces far bigger obstacles. First, there is the established trio of Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray -- in their prime and with 20 Grand Slams among them -- as compared to the inconsistent mix of young and aging contenders like Lleyton Hewitt, Marat Safinand Andre Agassi that Sampras found in his way during his last Grand Slam run.

• A look at IBM's Slamtracker, the software used to relay stats and figures to fans at the majors.

• Robert Lindstedt and Daniel Nestor have split. And Lindstedt, who will play with Ryan Harrison at the U.S. Open, isn't too happy about it.

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