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Roger Federer and Lindsay Vonn play tennis on a glacier in the Swiss Alps

Roger Federer and his biggest fan Lindsay Vonn took to the Swiss Alps for a little hit-and-giggle on behalf of Federer's chocolate sponsor, Lindt. 

The groundwork for the publicity stunt was laid down last when Lindt posted a video of Federer and Vonn on a Skype date. Vonn offered her condolensces about the Wimbledon final, while Federer acted as dorky as ever. Then the two agreed -- after an impromptu game of Pictionary -- to meet up on the mountain to play some tennis.

You can watch the video here:

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​And so they did. Vonn is an unabashed Federer fan, and she looked pretty excited to be up on the Jungfraujoch with her favorite tennis player. Who wouldn't be with that vista?