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Watch: Roger Federer says he can jump like LeBron James

Last week at the Western & Southern Open, Roger Federer was asked about a leaping overhead smash he hit against Gael Monfils that reminded the interviewer of LeBron James. We were in Ohio, after all. Federer proceeded to do the dorkiest impression of LeBron you'll ever hear.

Here's the a breakdown of the interview:

Q: At one point you hit the ball over the net as if you were LeBron James.

Federer: Yeah, okay (laughter).

Q:Really aggressive.  I loved it.

Federer:Yeah, no, I'm happy you liked it. I liked it, too (laughter).

Q: Here in Ohio, LeBron James is...

Federer:Yeah, I got some hang time there. I was like, "Wooo." It was good for the pictures. I would have liked to put my knees up more but I didn't want to miss the smash and look like a fool in the end. I preferred to be in a straight line and keep balance and make the smash. I clocked it well.

Watch the whole exchange here: