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Detectives used GPS data from Mark "Iceman" Fellows's Garmin Forerunner watch to connect him to the murder of a British gang member.

By Emily Caron
January 17, 2019

British runner, cyclist, and now-convicted mob hitman Mark "Iceman" Fellows was handed a life sentence after a jury found him guily of the murders of two rival gangsters—in part due to evidence provided by his Garmin GPS watch, the Liverpool Echo reports.

A jury at Liverpool Crown Court convicted Fellows of murdering organized crime leader Paul "Mr. Big" Massey, 55, and his associate John Kinsella, 53, per the Echo.

Fellows, 38, was a suspect Massey's murder but police were unable to find evidence tying him to the crime. When Fellows came under scrutiny in the investigation of Kinsella's death, detectives discovered a photo of the runner wearing his Garmin Forerunner during the 2015 Great Manchester 10K, which took place two months before Massey was murdered that July. Detectives found the watch in Fellows's home and checked its GPS data for any information that could tie him to Massey's murder.

Professor James Last, an expert in satellite-based radio navigation, was then brought in by police to examine the device. Last found that almost two months before Massey’s death, the Fellows's watch recorded a 35-minute period of minute starting in his neighborhood and traveling to the field near Massey’s home, Runner's World added.

The watch was tracked traveling about 12 miles per hour, which Last said suggested the wearer was on a bike, from Fellows's neighborhood to the field, where the speed dropped to about 3 mph, consistent with walking. The activity then stopped for an eight-minute period.

Fellows resumed his role as a night shift sous chef until three years later, when he murdered John Kinsella. On May 5, 2018, witnesses saw Fellows approach Kinsella on his bike and shoot the "gangland enforcer" four times before pedaling away. Fellows left the country after the crime and was arrested upon his return on May, 30, 2018 before being sentenced to life in prison on Thursday.

Fellows previously served time for a series of armed robberies in the early 2000s and was prosecuted for dealing cocaine and ammunition in 2012.

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