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Athletes' reaction on Twitter to Ferguson case

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Some star athletes' reactions on Twitter to the grand jury's decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri:

''As a society how do we do better and stop things like this happening time after time!! I'm so sorry to these families. Violence is not the answer people. Retaliation isn't the solution as well. (hash)PrayersUpToTheFamilies (hash)WeHaveToDoBetter''

- LeBron James, who tweeted an Instagram image of Mike Brown arm and arm with Trayvon Martin

''The system enables young black men to be killed behind the mask of law (hash)Ferguson (hash)tippingpoint (hash)change''

- Kobe Bryant

''I am very disappointed with decision in the Mike Brown case in Ferguson, MO. My thoughts & prayers are with the Brown family and the people of Ferguson.''

- Magic Johnson

''Wow. Just wow. Shameful. What will it take???''

- Serena Williams

''The Wade family hearts and prayers go out (to) the Brown family. (hash)RIPMikeBrown''

- Dwyane Wade

''Disgusted by decision in furguson. Racism is learned. Accepted is systematic suffocation of education and opportunity. What are we saying?''

- Steve Nash

''Just so no one misunderstands where I'm coming from. I'm MAD. Mad bc (a) young man (is) DEAD. I don't care that he was blk white purple. I know cops are under extreme pressure. I have family that are cops, but I'm tired of have of seeing stuff like this. If a blk cop shot a white UNARMED white young man I would be mad about that as well so understand I'm about making this world a better place. I have sons and I want them to live in a world that they don't have to worry about this crap. I'm praying for the Brown family and suffering tonight blk white etc''

- Justin Tuck

''Sending my thoughts and prayers to the Brown Family.... My heart is so heavy.... (hash)ourkidsmatter (hash)RIPMikeBrown''

- Swin Cash

''No matter who you are, what color skin you have, where you live, we are all in this together! This isn't a Ferguson problem it's a Global Problem! We need change NOW! What happened to humanity? (hash)JusticeForMikeBrown''

- Reggie Bush