2 Climbers go missing on Pakistan's 'Killer Mountain'

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ISLAMABAD (AP) Two mountaineers from Spain and Argentina have gone missing on Pakistan's ''Killer Mountain.''

A police official says Spaniard Alberto Zerain Berasategi and Argentine Mariano Galavin failed to return to base camp with the other 11 members of their expedition on Monday after the group turned back due to bad weather. The police official, Abdul Wakil, said Wednesday that an aerial search for the two is underway.

Nanga Parbat, an 8,126-meter (26,660-foot) peak in the Himalayas, derives its nickname from the fact that some 30 climbers died on the mountain before the first successful ascent in 1953.

Gunmen shot and killed 10 foreign mountaineers and a local guide in the area in 2013.