Kelsey Plum's Reaction to a Kate Martin Block Produced a Perfect Photo

Aces rookie Kate Martin reacts to blocking Sparks center Li Yueru.
Aces rookie Kate Martin reacts to blocking Sparks center Li Yueru. / Las Vegas Aces/Screengrab

Las Vegas Aces rookie Kate Martin delivered one of the best blocks of the WNBA season so far during her league debut on Saturday night vs. the Los Angeles Sparks, sparking a huge reaction out of teammate Kelsey Plum.

As Sparks center Li Yueru, who stands at 6'7", went up for a layup, Martin surprised her and smashed her shot to the sidelines. Martin immediately yelled with excitement, prompting her Aces teammates to celebrate with her.

A photo was caught of Plum reacting to Martin's monster block, and it has become an instant classic. Check out the now-viral photo taken by Getty Images' Ethan Miller.

After the 89–82 win, Plum emphasized how proud she was of Martin in her WNBA debut, and it seems like the two-time WNBA champion already has an iconic nickname for the former Iowa standout.

"Kate Money Martin, I love that kid," Plum said.

Martin finished the game with three points, five rebounds, three assists and one massive block off the bench.

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