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Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson Show Set to Debut This Month on WWE Network

Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson will debut a new show on WWE Network, Something Else to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard,​ in addition to their popular podcast.

NEW ORLEANS — Do not adjust your cell phone screen: Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson are coming to the WWE Network.

Prichard and Thompson, who host the popular Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard podcast, have come to terms with WWE for a new show, Something Else to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard, to debut later this month on the WWE Network.

“This feels like coming home,” said Prichard, who worked for WWE as a close associate to Vince McMahon for two decades. “I’m thankful to our audience, our listeners, who created this demand and buzz for the show, so much so that WWE came to us.”

Scheduled for 13 episodes, the show will not be produced by the WWE, nor will it replace the the Something to Wrestle podcast.

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“We are committed to the fans who’ve been with us since the beginning,” said Thompson. “The number one talking point in our discussions with WWE was to make sure the podcast did not change. We won’t get away from what brought us here.”

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As for the format of the Network show, the co-hosts will analyze and discuss a different topic from WWE history on each episode.

“We’ll mix it up with some new topics and ones that we will revisit from the past,” said Prichard. “Our first episode is going to be a brand new topic.”

The biggest change for Prichard and Thompson will be the transition to a video format instead of solely audio on the podcast.

“Our show is really tailor-made for audio, so it will be great to extend this journey into video,” said Thompson. “We never imagined that Brother Love and the ‘Mortgage Guy’ would be doing anything with WWE, much less on video. We’re excited for it, and it really is going to be something else.”

Prichard promised viewers a show unlike any other on the WWE Network.

“WWE only wants to have the best, and we are excited to be associated with the best,” said Prichard. “We’re not changing what we’re doing, we’re not changing how we do it, we are just doing it in more places so more people can enjoy what we do.”

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