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Beyond Wrestling is ready to explore uncharted territory in 2019. Starting April 3, 2019, Beyond Wrestling will air a live two-hour wrestling program every Wednesday night. The weekly live events will run from Worcester, Massachusetts at Electric Haze and broadcast online exclusively at Independentwrestling.TV.

The Beyond promotion, founded by Drew Cordeiro in 2009, has served as a launchpad for independent wrestlers and is currently one of only three wrestling promotions in the world with at least one million YouTube subscribers. Its new show, Uncharted Territory, is a historic venture for independent wrestling.

“We’re going to put together something very special,” said the 33-year-old Cordeiro. “The entire history of Beyond Wrestling has built up to this, and it is a venture no one has tried to take on at this level. Our goal is to be one of the key pieces in making the entire wrestling industry successful outside of what is happening on the mainstream level.”

The new weekly venture also provides clarity for wrestling fans who expressed disappointment that Beyond was not performing a show during the upcoming WrestleMania week in New York. “This will allow us to be part of WrestleMania week, but we won’t be restricted by location,” said Cordeiro.

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Cordeiro has no intention of formatting his new show like television. “There is already enough television wrestling,” said Corderio. “This is not television. My goal is to present the second half of a Beyond Wrestling card every week.”

Mainstream wrestling is forced to please shareholders and answer to sponsors, while Cordeiro plans to place the performance of his show in the hands of the performers. “This is not television wrestling,” said Cordeiro. “This is independent wrestling being broadcast more frequently, with the ultimate goal of doing something that is going to leave the wrestling industry in better standing than if we didn’t attempt it at all.”

Beyond is also unique in its storytelling ability. The story exists in the match for Beyond, with a prime example being this past November’s match between David Starr and Orange Cassidy.

“To me, telling a story doesn’t mean that we’ll start every episode with someone in the ring addressing the crowd for 15 minutes,” said Cordeiro. “That’s not what I’m interested in. I’m interested in bell-to-bell action.”

Tonight’s “Heavy Lies The Crown” New Year’s Eve show will help showcase the cornerstones of the Beyond Wrestling promotion. Beyond boasts a remarkable assembly of talent that includes Chris Dickinson, Josh Briggs, Kris Statlander, Stokely Hathaway, Solo Darling, Willow Nightingale, and Skylar. Since Beyond is only pursuing independent wrestlers, they have a fluidity and flexibility that no one else has while producing episodic wrestling.

“It is very important to me that this stays independent,” said Cordeiro. “I know that is going to create more problems, but ultimately, this is not television wrestling. This is independent wrestling, live every week. Some of the challenges we encounter almost define independent wrestling, so I do not want any wrestlers under contract.”

Recently, there have been major changes within the world of professional wrestling. WWE’s signing spree of independent talent has led other organizations to take out their checkbooks, like Ring of Honor signing PCO and Brody King to exclusive deals as they try to rebuild their television product. Other organizations like Major League Wrestling and Impact, are also competing for the best talent. Ultimately, that means that the independent wrestling scene is going to be short on talent, which is where Beyond Wrestling enters the equation with Uncharted Territory.

“If we’re not moving forward, then we’re taking a step back,” said Cordeiro. “It’s a constant goal to give back to pro wrestling. So we’re looking at the landscape and working to push professional wrestlers, ones that need that spotlight, up the ladder a little quicker and share the art with as many fans as possible.”

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