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Rob Gronkowski lost his WWE 24/7 title to R-Truth on Monday's Raw.

The Buccaneers tight end suffered a brutal defeat as he was attacked by R-Truth as he attempted to film a TikTok. R-Truth snuck up on Gronkowski before pinning him to the ground to reclaim the Raw title. 

Gronkowski appeared on the show one week after he pledged to defend his belt and warned R-Truth to stay away. R-Truth previously said he's planning to "get his baby back." However, the Bucs tight end claimed it wouldn't be that simple for R-Truth.

"16 years of playing football and growing up with four brothers has prepared me to fight any time, any place." Gronkowski said last week. "So this 24/7, 7-Eleven, I-95 South, W9, whole nine years championship stays with me brother." 

He added: "Take this is a warning R-Truth–I will see you coming because I got eyes on the back of my head."

Gronkowski had been the longest-reigning 24/7 champion in WWE history after the title was established in May 2019. He won the belt in April at WrestleMania 36 by pinning his friend Mojo Rawley during the event's second night. There have been multiple titleholders in the past year, but R-Truth has claimed it 36 times.