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Mick Foley Launching New Podcast to Examine His Storied Wrestling Career

Wrestling’s hardcore legend now has a podcast.

Mick Foley is joining the Podcast Heat network with his new show—Foley is Pod—debuting June 3.

Co-hosted by Conrad Thompson, the show will examine Foley’s illustrious career. It will explore his star-making run in WWE, as well as the earlier stretches beforehand. That includes wrestling in the dying days of wrestling’s territory system, serving as an enhancement talent for WWE and WCW before establishing himself as Cactus Jack, and reinventing himself in Japan. He has had memorable stretches almost everywhere, including TNA, Smoky Mountain Wrestling and a short-but-extremely-violent run in ECW.

“I know the way I feel when I hear a good podcast, how it can turn a whole day around and put a smile on my face,”  Foley says. “I’m looking forward to telling stories and reminding people of a time they really enjoyed when they were big wrestling fans.”

In addition to his place as a pro wrestling icon, Foley is also a multi-ime New York Times best-selling author. Part of his Hall of Fame portfolio is also his one-man show, where he engages viewers with details and memories of his decades in pro wrestling. Now partnered with Thompson, the potential exists for Foley’s podcast to become one of the most successful in the genre.

“Mick is just so passionate about pro wrestling,” says Thompson, the preeminent voice of podcasts throughout the wrestling industry. “And look at his career. He proved he could do it all—whether that was as a heel, the ultimate babyface, or a comedic character. He did it all so incredibly well.

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“And I’m really interested about Mick’s thought process. His books were so good, and so are his one-man shows. I really believe that this show, which we’re recording in-person and in 4K, is going to be exactly what the wrestling world is looking for.

Foley is also one of wrestling’s most charitable and caring people. He just added a special show on June 5 in Buffalo, New York to his current “Nice Day Tour”, which will be a benefit with 100% of ticket sales and merchandise donated to the Buffalo 5/14 Survivor Fund.

“It’s a way for us to show we won’t forget,” Foley says. “I really want the community to know that. And if people can’t make it to the show but still want to help, they can contribute directly to the Survivors Fund.”

Foley’s presence continues to bring out the best of wrestling. He looks forward to the new opportunity to connect with people through his podcast.

“I’ve been in love with pro wrestling for 45 years now,” Foley says. “All these years of telling stories on the page and on the stage have led to this opportunity.”

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