Tommaso Ciampa Excited, Not Nervous for WWE WrestleMania Debut, Shares Advice to NXT Talent

MMA Knockout spoke to Tommaso Ciampa ahead of his WrestleMania debut.
Tommaso Ciampa makes his entrance.
Tommaso Ciampa makes his entrance. / (via WWE)

Tommaso Ciampa knows how important it is to be a part of WrestleMania for the first time in his career, and he plans on making the most of it.

Ciampa will be teaming with his DIY partner Johnny Gargano in the Six-Pack Ladder Match for The Judgment Day's Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship. The other teams are The Miz and R-Truth, New Catch Republic, Austin Theory and Grayson Waller, and The New Day.

Ciampa is a seasoned veteran, but this will be his first WrestleMania appearance, and that is also the case for Gargano. During an interview with MMA Knockout, Ciampa said his feeling ahead of "The Showcase of the Immortals is one of excitement.

"Well dude, I'm a rookie when it comes to WrestleMania," Ciampa said. "There's nerves there's excitement more than anything. You just said a mouthful, six-pack ladder match, most guys ever in one ladder match. It's gonna be crazy."

Depending on who you ask, DIY is either a favorite to win the ladder match, or the underdog. Ciampa believes every team has a chance to steal the gold.

"I think it just depends on how long you've been following our careers," Ciampa said. "If you're new to DIY we're the underdogs. If you've followed us through NXT maybe you're more familiar with us. But dude, in this type of scenario, everyone's got the same amount of opportunity. Judgment Day will be hard to overcome. They've been in this type of scenario for a long time with everybody chasing them. So, they'll be tough to overcome."

Ciampa says that he and Gargano are aware of the significance of their first WrestleMania, but they don't feel nerves will kick in once that bell rings.

"Yeah, I think it's more excitement than it is nerves," Ciampa said. "I mean we've been wanting to be here for a long time to do it together on such a big stage, WrestleMania 40's built to be biggest ever. It's more just excitement, to be honest. I think the nerves start to go away the more you do these big events, and nothing's bigger than WrestleMania. But, at the end of the day you're out there in front of a big group of people and it's just noise, right?"

A group of talent who may still be feeling that anxious energy are those on the NXT roster. Ciampa shared a piece of advice for those looking to make a splash on the developmental brand.

"Just enjoy every step of it," Ciampa said. "I mean that was our biggest thing in NXT. We knew how special it was at the time. We enjoyed it, we weren't looking ahead. You kind of look ahead and you forget to enjoy the present moment. NXT's special, just enjoy it when you're there."

Ciampa feels he and Gargano winning the tag team titles at WrestleMania would be the perfect scenario, but he's ready to enjoy the moment no matter what the result is.

"It'd be insane, right? I mean, I don't think I could've wrote it better myself," Ciampa said. "But, regardless it's just gonna be a big night and it's gonna be a lot of fun for all of us."

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