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Triple H Opens Door For Ronda Rousey’s Return to WWE

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Pro wrestling legend Triple H recently spoke about Ronda Rousey and her potential return to WWE. SI’s Justin Barrasso discusses Rousey's time away from the company and if there’s a chance she could step back into pro wrestling.

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Madelyn Burke: Triple H says the WWE wants Ronda Rousey back when she's ready, calling her one of the greatest performers ever, but considering how she walked away from the sport, is that a likelihood? Joining me now is SI's Justin Barrasso. Justin, of course, we remember when she walked away from WWE, Ronda complained about the grind of the schedule, took some shots at some fellow wrestlers and wrestling fans. Can she endear herself again to the WWE? 

 Ronda Rousey after upset loss to Holly Holm: ‘I’ll be back’--IMAGE

Justin Barrasso:  Great question and I'll make it simple. One hundred percent. I think Ronda has carefully crafted her wrestling persona and her time away from the ring. She's still under contract with WWE. I'd be surprised if she wasn't back by January of 2021. I think the key is what happens. I wouldn't want Ronda back in an empty venue. I want the crowd there. There's no coincidence. On that Steve-O podcast, she mentioned how her disdain for wrestling fans. She comes back as a villain. She's the most popular one. You know, they have there in terms of everyone who will want to see her win. Scuse me, her wrestle, everyone. I want to see her get beat by some on that roster. It's a perfect story. I just think you need to wait till there are people in the stands again in order for it to happen now. 


Madelyn Burke: Of course, Ronda hasn't participated in a WWE match since WrestleMania in 2019. So if she does return, obviously a rematch with Becky Lynch would have to be tabled after Becky announced her pregnancy. What would the next step for Ronda be?

Justin Barrasso: Yeah, I guess Becky would be interesting is that match makes the most sense, but it all depends on where she is. Post childbirth in terms of other opponents, too, I think it's a great chance to build a new star. I think that's what wrestling, you know, someone like Ronda Rousey should do. The reason she's there is to build somebody and make somebody newer and bigger and better. And that's really what she did. She helped do with Becky Lynch, and that's something she could do. Looking forward, it's hard to say exactly who it would be. I know Liv Morgan gets a lot of hype potential. They love Charlotte Flair. She's already a star, but who knows where we stand in twenty twenty-one. But I think you use Ronda absolutely. In that role to really make somebody else. 

Madelyn Burke: Yeah. As you mentioned, that villain role could be a great one for her because like her or not, Ronda Rousey does draw attention. Justin Barrasso, thank you so much for the insight. 

Justin Barrasso:  Thank you.