WWE Rumors: Surprising WWE NXT Name Reportedly Set to Hit Free Agency Soon

One member of the WWE NXT roster appears to be hitting free agency.
The WWE NXT ring is stacked with talent.
The WWE NXT ring is stacked with talent. / (via WWE)

One member of the WWE roster appears to be destined to hit the free agency market soon.

Talent moves happen quite often in the world of professional wrestling. Recently, WWE released a group of on-air talent including some surprising names such as Cameron Grimes and Von Wagner. Others who were released include the likes of Jinder Mahal, Sanga, and Xia Li.

There looks to be another WWE departure coming soon, although this one might not be a contract release.


Fightful reports that Scrypts of the WWE NXT brand will see his contract expire on June 1st. Of course, this means he will be hitting free agency if he isn't cut before the expiration date.

Scrypts makes his way out for an episode of WWE NXT.
Scrypts makes his way out for an episode of WWE NXT. / (via WWE)

Scrypts, formerly known as Reggie, made his WWE debut in 2020. He became a four-time 24/7 titleholder before being moved to the NXT brand where he took on the Scrypts gimmick. He is currently part of the Out The Mud faction along with Bronco Nima, Lucien Price, and Jaida Parker.

Scrypts last appeared on WWE programming on the April 2nd episode of NXT Level Up. He teamed with Bronco Nima and Lucien Price to defeat Je'Von Evans, Tyriek Igwe, and Tyson Dupont. Scrypts was in action for a non-televised NXT live event on April 20th, once again teaming with Price in a losing effort against Ivar and Tank Ledger.

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