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Aaron Murray offers video evidence that Mark Richt has lost control of his team

By Ben Glicksman

There's no more denying it: Georgia coach Mark Richt has completely lost control of his program. Aaron Murray uploaded a video to Instagram on Friday that shows the quarterback riding around on mopeds with his teammates, a sure sign that I'm jumping off the Bulldogs' bandwagon for this season.

I mean, Murray just doesn't get it. He needs to be thinking football thoughts about football things at every point in his football life. There is no time for non-football fun when you are a football player on a big-time college football team. AJ McCarron would never do this, and that guy has won back-to-back national championships.

Half of the players in this video aren't even wearing shirts. That's taking lack of SEC commitment to a new level. What if they fall? Imagining it is enough for me, because those kind of abrasions take forever to heal.

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