During Hurricane Irma, looters hurled a brick through Evan Longoria's sports bar.

By Jimmy Traina
September 13, 2017

Florida native, Evan Longoria, was one of the lucky ones when Hurricane Irma hit over the weekend because his home in St. Petersburg did not suffer any damage.

That wasn't the case, though, for Longoria's restaurant, Ducky's. The Rays third baseman, who is a partner in the sports bar, told SI.com's Jimmy Traina, that looters tried to break into the establishment.

"We got really lucky," Longoria said on the Off The Board podcast. "Everybody evacuated for the most part. My family was all gone, out in Arizona. We just kind of wait to see what happened. The restaurant [was fine] other than, I guess a looter or somebody trying to throw a brick through the window, That was the only damage we took.

Thankfully they didn’t get through, but they broke the window or sliding-glass door window or whatever, so we just had some glass, but not much rain got in. No flood water. And my house in St. Petersburg was fine thankfully, just some down trees and stuff."

If the looters were looking for money or liquor, they were out of luck.

"I mean, it’s not like we left a stack of cash on the counter," Longoria said. "Maybe they thought they were gonna take some booze all, but the booze was gone though. Little did they know, we took all that out. There wasn’t much they could’ve gotten had they gotten in."

Longoria discusses the incident at the top of the podcast, which you can listen to below or download the podcast on iTunesSoundCloud or Stitcher. He also talks about a variety of baseball subjects (the home run record, unwritten rules, the Rays struggle), being a foodie, his love of Game of Thrones, just starting The Sopranos and much more.

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