Roy Jones Jr. back to winning ways

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ATLANTA -- Three quick thoughts from Roy Jones Jr.'s lopsided decision win over Max Alexander:

1. Roy won big against a guy who was big. Jones, 42, needed a light touch coming off three consecutive losses and he got one in Alexander, a doughy cruiserweight who came in riding a three-fight losing streak of his own. Jones (55-8) pot-shotted the plodding Alexander (14-6) throughout the fight and showboated to the crowd and the U-Stream cameras during clinches. He didn't attempt many combinations, however, and the few times he looked like he had Alexander in some trouble he was reluctant to chase him. Jones actually got tagged with a pretty good shot at the end of the 10 round but there was not enough time for Alexander to close in and try and capitalize. Ultimately, this will go down as a blowout win against an opponent who was just happy to be there.

2. Did a new trainer help? Jones says it did. Jones added Tom Yankello, best known for training Paul Spadafora and Calvin Brock, to his corner for this fight and he says Yankello's lessons -- specifically, staying in the pocket more, keeping his chin tucked -- paid off Saturday. Jones claims he was destroying cruiserweights training in Yankello's gym in the weeks leading up to the fight, which gave him more confidence.

3. Jones will fight on. After the fight, Jones says he plans to continue fighting until he wins a cruiserweight title. There are four cruiserweight titleholders -- Marco Huck, Yoan Pablo Hernandez, Guillermo Jones and Krzysztof Wlodarczyk -- and Jones says he will fight any of them. He says he would like one more tune-up fight early next year before stepping up in a title fight.