The real Franklin-Silva I: Does an ace cover an axe, or does the axe cut it?

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Saturday night’s UFC 147 main event is being billed as Wanderlei Silva vs. Rich Franklin II.

But the fight in Belo Horizonte is actually the completion of a trilogy.

Four summers ago -- a full year before "The Axe Murderer" and "Ace" first stepped into the octagon together at UFC 99 -- the fighters squared off in a different kind of mettle testing: at the 2008 USA Rock Paper Scissors Championships.

No, Silva and Franklin aren’t two-sport stars. Their battle of fists, palms and fingers was a special exhibition, arranged because the rock-paper-scissors event happened to be going on in Las Vegas on the same weekend as that season's finale of The Ultimate Fighter.

Check out this first battle between fighters temporarily nicknamed "The Axe-Sharpening Rock Murderer" and "The Glossy Layered Paper That Makes Playing Cards":


--Jeff Wagenheim