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Guerrero's father delivers tirade against Floyd 'woman beater' Mayweather

Pre-fight boxing press conferences tend to have their fair share of smack talk, but Robert Guerrero's father, Ruben, took it to a whole new level on Wednesday.

Referencing the domestic violence conviction that had sent Floyd Mayweather to jail for 57 days, Ruben Guerrero called Mayweather "a woman beater" -- eight times.

"Do you guys like... this guy, [this] woman beater?!" Guerrero shouted. "He must have learned that from his dad!"

Of course, the rant was made all the better by the presence of Oscar De La Hoya, who tried desperately to try to figure out a way to shut Ruben Guerrero up.

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"All right, it's OK, it's OK," De La Hoya stammered. "Hold on ... All right ... All right ..."

Mayweather will fight Robert Guerrero on Saturday night in Las Vegas, although the undefeated welterweight champion is probably wishing he were getting a shot at the elder Guerrero instead.

-- R.J. Rico