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February 20, 2015

With the announcement that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will finally fight each other, we pulled together six of Sports Illustrated's best boxing stories from the SI Vault. They cover some of boxing's bold-faced names (Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Sonny Liston) and the king of promotion (Don King). They also include an all-time great Christmas story.

You can find the six stories below. You can read more of Sports Illustrated's most iconic stories here

Ali And His Entourage: Life after the end of the greatest show on earth

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Muhammad Ali and his followers were the greatest show on earth, and then the show ended. But life went on. By Gary Smith.
V.J. Lovero/Sports Illustrated
As he stormed toward his showdown with Lennox Lewis, was Mike Tyson the ultimate psycho celebrity in the midst of a public breakdown -- or the shrewdest self-promoter in boxing history? By Richard Hoffer.
David Bergman/Sports Illustrated
The Friars Club roast of Don King revealed -- and reveled in -- the vagaries of the honoree's dark and twisted soul. As King has said so many times, "Only in America." By Jeff MacGregor.
Billy Miske was told in 1918 that he had only five months to live. There was nothing he could do to prevent his death, but he couldn't go out before one last fight. By Rick Reilly

O Unlucky Man: Fortune never smiled on Sonny Liston

By the end of 1970, Sonny Liston had not been right for a long time, and not only for the strangely dual life he had been leading -- spells of choirboy abstinence squeezed between binges of drinking and drugs -- but also for the rudderless, unfocused existence he had been reduced to. By William Nack
"Lawdy, lawdy he's great," Joe Frazier said that of Muhammad Ali, but so fierce and unsparing was their confrontation that the phrase could have applied to them both. By Mark Kram

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