Heavily favored Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Andre Berto in what could be the last fight of his career and maintained his undefeated record.

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September 12, 2015

Heavily favored Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Andre Berto in what could be the last fight of his career.

The boxers went 12 rounds but there was no upset, with Mayweather winning by decision at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. Though the hype for the fight had been subdued throughout the week, Mayweather has stated the bout would be the last of his career. He reiterated his intention to retire after the fight,

The fight was scored 117-111, 118-110, and 120-108, all in favor of Mayweather.

Mayweather came out throwing a high amount of punches, atypical of his calculated style. But his defense remained tough and he retained the upper hand throughout much of the early going, escaping Berto's aggressive jabs and dancing around while sneaking in solid shots.

Late in the fight, the boxers exchanged verbal jabs, Mayweather telling Berto to “shut up.” In the end, that mattered little. Mayweather survived a flurry of Berto jabs in the fight's final minute and held on, coasting to victory. He dropped to his knees at the center of the ring and took in the moment.

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The 38-year-old Mayweather maintained his undefeated record, moving up to 49-0. Berto dropped to 30-4.

Mayweather has been in the news lately after reports surfaced that he used an illegal IV prior to fighting Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao has said he wants a rematch of their much-hyped fight in May, which Mayweather won by unanimous decision. 

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