Watch: Conor McGregor destroys Floyd Mayweather with reading joke

The Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor tour continued in Toronto. 
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Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather continued their four-city press tour on Wednesday afternoon in Toronto. 

The fight will take place Aug. 26 in Las Vegas. The fight will be contested at 154 pounds.

Mayweather, 40, retired from boxing after his last fight in September 2015. McGregor, 28, is 21–3 in UFC fights, with his most recent fight coming in November against Eddie Alvarez. McGregor boxed as a youth and relies significantly on his striking in MMA fights. He has won eight of his last 11 UFC fights by punch.

Here's what we learned from Wednesday afternoon's press conference in Toronto:

• McGregor opened his address to the crowd and got the entire arena to scream, "F--k the Mayweathers!"

• McGregor also called Espinoza of Showtime a "weasel" and a "b---h." Espinoza denies that he had anything to do with McGregor's microphone getting cut out during the Los Angeles press conference.

• McGregor returned to Toronto for the first time since his 13-second fight against Jose Aldo. He said that all pundits and experts are "crazy" if they don't think he has a chance. 

• McGregor called Mayweather "boxing's biggest b---h"

• McGregor: What are you doing carrying a book bag on stage, you can't even read?

• The crowd welcomed Mayweather to the stage with a "Pay your taxes!" chant.

• Mayweather responded to the reading joke by saying that he does "number" and "money."

• Mayweather dared McGregor to bet his whole paycheck. McGregor said it wouldn't be a problem and to send the contract his way.

• Mayweather apologized to Dana White for anything bad that he's said in the past about the UFC president.

• Mayweather said that he was wearing a "Toronto flag" on his show. He was wearing the Canadian flag.

• Mayweather took an Irish flag from the crowd and draped it over his shoulders. McGregor took Mayweather's backpack which contained some money. McGregor opened it up and said there's only about $5,000 in the bag.

The press tour continues on Thursday in New York City.