Mike Tyson Is 53 and Still Terrifying: Unchecked


There is no amount of money large enough for me to take a punch from Mike Tyson. So please stop asking.

Now I would pay to see him return to the ring. I just don’t know who his opponent would be. Because other than a legit fighter in their prime, in order to go against him, you’ve gotta be out of your mind. It's crazy how quickly he went from saying he felt lost to finding himself looking like "The Baddest Man on the Planet" again with a pair of gloves on.

The man is 53 years old and still terrifies me, perhaps more than any other human being. Even if that feeling is a little irrational and based on nostalgia. Still, given his power and penchant for let’s say, playing things by ear, his very image strikes me with fear. HE HAS A TATTOO ON HIS FACE! 

"Iron Mike" was the youngest heavyweight champion ever after all so he’s been mystifying a long time—from Mike Tyson's Punchout to being the original Tiger King

And it’s only fitting with The Last Dance reviving the 90s—I for one refuse to believe Ahmad Rashad is 70 and Kurt Loder 75—that Tyson would make a return to the limelight.

And he sure looks like he could do it for real and not only in documentary form. So the next time I see someone ask what it would take to step into the ring with him...I’m liable to go Michael, take your pick...Jackson, Tyson, Jordan...game six.