Steve Spurrier provides crucial backstory for Arby's photo

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This Steve Spurrier photo was already great, but the backstory makes it even better. (Jadeveon Clowney's Instagram)

Steve Spurrier

By Zac Ellis

It's been almost two weeks since South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier changed our lives by appearing in a photo at Arby's that Jadeveon Clowney posted on his Instagram feed. The Ol' Ball Coach looked pretty content, and now we know why: He was about to partake in his daily ritual of eating a turkey sandwich for lunch.

Here's what Spurrier had to say when Rome asked about the photo and Spurrier's larger fast-food preferences during an interview on Wednesday.

"Jim, we were at the SEC media days, and we're heading back to the airport. We were the last ones there, so it was about 6:30 or 7. There's a little Arby's there on the way to the airport ... so we just stopped in to get a sandwich. I didn't realize Jadeveon took a picture of me, I guess, carrying my turkey breast sandwich out of there. I usually eat Subway or Firehouse -- turkey, lettuce, tomato and all that. That's usually what I eat every day. In fact, I just had one a few minutes ago."