Bliss received a ten-year NCAA ban in 2005 in the fallout from an investigation into the murder of one of his former players. 

By Daniel Rapaport
August 03, 2017

Former Baylor head coach Dave Bliss, who received a ten-year ban from the NCAA in 2005, has been hired by Calvary Chapel Christian High School (Nev.) to be its basketball coach and athletic director. 

Bliss resigned form Baylor in 2003 after internal and NCAA investigations into the murder of his former player, Patrick Dennehy, who was killed by teammate Carlton Dotson. Dennehy's girlfriend told officials that Bliss paid part of Dennehy's and Dotson's tuitions, a flagrant NCAA violation. Bliss was also allegedly aware of widespread drug use among his players and did not report failed drug tests to authorities.

After his resignation, one of Bliss' former assistants presented authorities with an audio recording in which Bliss encourages assistants to corroborate his assertion that Dennehy was a drug dealer, a claim he made without evidence to create doubt as to where Dennehy's tuition came from. Shortly thereafter, he was issued a ten-year ban by the NCAA. 

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Ex-Baylor coach Dave Bliss resigns after release of documentary on murder scandal

Bliss was hired by NAIA school Southwestern Christian University, but the Baylor scandal followed him there. In April of this year, Showtime's documentary "Disgraced" revealed more audio of Bliss smearing Dennehy's character. He resigned from Southwestern Christian shortly after the documentary's release. 

I understand that bringing in a former NCAA Division I coach can be attractive to a high school, and it might bring in a player or two who wouldn't otherwise attend. There's also the possibility that Bliss has learned from his terrible lapses in judgment, and I'm all for second chances when the circumstances call for it.  

But at Baylor, Bliss showed a blatant disregard for the wellbeing of his players many times, as well as a willingness to smear the memory of a murdered young man to save his own name. That abominable behavior is the antithesis of what coaching young men is all about, and giving this man a platform to mold young minds is a shocking decision. 

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