Izzo deserves better!

By Daniel Rapaport
January 05, 2018

Tom Izzo has led Michigan State to seven Final Fours and has a good chance of reaching another this year, so there's really no argument against him having a wax statue. He's one of college basketball's iconic coaches and he deserves all the accolades he gets. 

Here's the new work, which stands at Michigan State's Breslin Center. It's a well-intentioned gesture but it leaves a lot to be desired.

It's never a good sign when the guy the statue is mimicking calls the statue "creepy." He should be using words like "awesome" or, at the very least, "interesting" to describe it. 

The face is not wide enough and it just overall doesn't look like Izzo. Like, if you showed me that statue without context, in the middle of the street, no chance I'd guess Tom Izzo. It looks more like Bryan Cranston than Izzo. 

Say what you want about that much-maligned Ronaldo statue at that Portuguese airport, at least it looks like the man. 

You might be thinking that making a statue of an athlete never works out, as this one of Tom Brady looks like Jon Bernthal. But you would be wrong, because this David Beckham statue is spot on.

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