Mississippi State's Nick Weatherspoon was stretchered off after a bad fall.

By Charlotte Carroll
March 09, 2018

Mississippi State's Nick Weatherspoon was stretchered off the court after a bad fall in the Tennessee game Friday and taken to the hospital for a neck injury, the team announced. 

Coach Ben Howland said Weatherspoon is conscious and moving all his extremities. He's undergoing a CT scan. 

Weatherspoon was on the ground after falling in the first minute of the second half when Kyle Alexander stepped on his neck. Play didn't stop after Weatherspoon's original fall, and Weatherspoon was kicked on the next possession.  

Players from both teams gathered around Weatherspoon and clapped as he was was carted off. 

Here's a video of the injury. 

The SEC released a statement following the injury after people were upset play kept going even though Weatherspoon was down.

Weatherspoon's older brother Quinndary Weatherspoon who also plays for the Bulldogs was seen crying 


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