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Johnson's spotter, Jeff Chapman, was absent from Wednesday's game at Georgetown.

By Alaa Abdeldaiem
February 21, 2019

During Wednesday night's game between Georgetown and Villanova, an emotional Gus Johnson paid a heartfelt tribute to his stat spotter's late son, who died last week in a car accident.

The FS1 broadcast cut to Johnson and an empty chair where Jeff Chapman would usually sit, providing context and stats in Johnson's ear as the game progressed. Chapman has been by Johnson's side for ten years.

Chapman's son, Jeffery "Bo" Chapman, was on life support before he died.

“Folks we come to you with heavy hearts today," Johnson said on air. "This is the chair of my stat guy, Jeff Chapman, who’s been with me for about ten years. Last week his son Bo was driving, and he got in a bad crash. He was on life support for a few days, and they eventually had to take him off life support. Bo worked with us, on our football crews and basketball crews. Good dude. Had a nice hoop game, could post, could shoot the jumper. And this chair is going to be empty until Jeff comes back.”

Chapman's son was 36 years old.


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