Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire
August 10, 2017

[Sophomore Derrius] Guice is a beast. He might be a better back than Leonard Fournette. He’s smaller [5' 11", 212 pounds], but harder to tackle because he runs with so much juice guys can’t corral him. I love him.

People talk about how their O-line is supposed to be so good. I don’t see it. They’re pretty average, and I don’t see any early-round NFL talent. Their wideouts look good, but they’re inconsistent, and they don’t have a No. 1 guy. New offensive coordinator Matt Canada is creative and good at finding ways to run the ball even when the box is loaded, and he is a great play-caller. He’ll be 10 plays ahead and put plays together that look alike but are very different. But those receivers better get in shape because of all the motioning and shifts he’ll do; their legs will be gone by October.

Defensive coordinator Dave Aranda does a really good job. He’s aggressive with his safeties, and he stunts and moves his fronts. He did a lot more of that at Wisconsin than at LSU, but it was only his first season there. They’re just so talented. Arden Key [a 6' 6", 238-pound junior linebacker] is as good as any player in the SEC. He’s long and has a great first step. He’s not as big as most of the edge guys in the conference, but he’s quicker and slipperier.

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