Michigan quarterback John O'Korn did not have a good game on Saturday. And then there was The Flop. 

By Stanley Kay
October 07, 2017

Michigan quarterback John O'Korn did not have a good game on Saturday. With torrential rain pouring down on Michigan Stadium, O'Korn threw three interceptions as Michigan lost to in-state rival Michigan State. 

But forget about the turnovers for a second. The only John O'Korn highlight you need to watch right now is him flopping (allegedly, I suppose) on the Michigan State sideline. He'd probably claim he was pushed—admittedly the field was extraordinarily slick—but this looks like a clear dive to me. At the very least, I'm calling embellishment. And it's an all-timer. 


John O'Korn is never allowed to complain about flopping in soccer. 

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