A 104-yard touchdown? Leave it to Minot State.

By Emily Caron
September 05, 2019

North Dakota D-II school Minot State somehow turned what was almost one of the worst botches in college football this season into an insane 104-yard touchdown during a clash with Minnesota-Duluth on Thursday night.

Beavers wide receiver Cory Carignan fumbled the kick-off in the red zone and the ball bounced back into the endzone. The freshman from Arvada, Colo., nabbed the loose ball and it looked like a safety was imminent as Carignan was immediately swarmed by the Bulldogs. After somehow escaping without being tackled, Carignan ran the ball along the right sideline all the way to Minot State's own endzone for the team's first touchdown of the night.

While Carignan's legs certainly did most of the miraculous work on Thursday night, he wouldn't have made it all the way without a wild block by freshman running back Ali Mohamed against Minnesota-Duluth defensive back Austin Kurylo at the 20-yard line.

We know we're only in Week 2, but it's probably still safe to say that this will go down as one of the craziest plays of the season.

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