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Between the Hashes Week 14: Rise of the Alabama Iron Bowl rally nacho

Catch up with all the wackiest moments of Rivalry Week with Week 14's edition of Between the Hashes.

Each week, the college football team here at SI will delve into the fun, the weird and the wacky of college football with a series called Between The Hashes. It’s a way to decompress from the madness of the week, and to find a few things that you might have missed.

Rivalry Week brings out the best in everyone. I'm not just talking about the teams, who even in a down year seem to find that extra bit of motivation to make things tough on the heavy favorites. I'm also talking about the lifeblood of the programs: the fans. With the door closing on the regular season, it's maybe the last chance (especially if your team isn't in going bowling or you're not going to be making the trip to Detroit or Shreveport or Birmingham) to show how much you care. Players can sense it too, and that's why this weekend – framed around the Thanksgiving holiday – was one of the best yet. 

Let's make sure to promise not to say goodbye to college football when it's gone. Let's say see you soon instead. This is Between The Hashes for Week 14.

Roll Damn Nacho

With Alabama trailing by five early in the third quarter, Blake Sims hurled an interception. The ESPN cameras panned up and found a fan mid-bite of a nacho. This joy in eating that cheesy, delicious chip juxtaposed with the agony of fellow Crimson Tide fans was striking. It all worked out in the end, as the rally nacho will live on in Alabama lore, and the rally nacho fan (who revealed himself on Twitter later on Saturday) earned himself a special place in Iron Bowl history.

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All Hail Butt Dad

Our friends at SB Nation noticed that Baylor was playing Texas Tech and that Baylor's initials on its logo are BU while Texas Tech's are TT. That spells butt, so being the adults that football fans are, they dubbed the game on Saturday the Butt Bowl. The Red Raiders treated the game like a de facto bowl and almost pulled the upset, so it made some sense. One father of one son at Baylor and another at Texas Tech took it a step further with a t-shirt.

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Ashes, Ashes

It's not a new or novel concept to sprinkle ashes on a football field. It happened at the Jordan-Hare Stadium after the Kick Six, and apparently it happened again during the Iron Bowl at Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday. Sure beats the old coffee can above the mantel approach even if it runs the risk of leading to some sort of haunted ghost stadium.

Jump Around

Minnesota may not have come out on top against Wisconsin, but the Golden Gophers' zeal and excitement for House Of Pain's immortal song "Jump Around" before the fourth quarter is to be admired. Way to go, Marcus Jones.

They start 'em hating young in Ohio

Babies delivered on the day of The Game in Columbus were given a special blanket to commemorate the occasion. Babies don't have a choice about whether they're supposed to hate Michigan or not. That doesn't seem all that fair to the babies.

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Do A Barrel Roll!

Washington defensive lineman Danny Shelton, who is a svelte 339 pounds, took the late-night football viewing public by storm with his well-executed barrel roll on Saturday in the Apple Cup against Washington State.

​This Week in Trophies

We have two great moments from this weekend to add to rivalry trophy lore. Wisconsin, previous holders of the Paul Bunyan Axe, made sure the axe was nice and cozy the night before Wisconsin's game against Minnesota. The Badgers ended up winning, 34-24, and the axe likely got a good night's sleep. This is a practice I can get behind, as most extremely sharp instruments capable of inflicting great harm on us should be treated with the utmost respect.

Indiana finally got a Big Ten win! This is big news, and the Hoosiers celebrated their claiming of the Old Oaken Bucket accordingly. This was best captured in a picture of quarterback (and former model) Zander Diamont, who had a cigar and held that old bucket tightly.

Quotes/Tweets of the Week

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