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Mississippi State AD suggests giving players five years of eligibility


Some conference commissioners are open to considering a rule change that would make all freshman ineligible,'s Jon Solomon reports

While the rule change would affect all sports, Solomon reports the prevalence of "one-and-done" players in basketball is "the main reason" commissioners are interested in a potential rule change. 

Mississippi State athletic director Scott Stricklin offered an alternative solution on Twitter Wednesday. 

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Freshman have been eligible to play since 1972. Beginning with the 2006 NBA draft, entrants were required to be at least 19 years old and one year removed from high school. Most players who enter the draft one year after graduating from high school have chosen to play one season in college. Others, such as Brandon Jennings and Emmanuel Mudiay, decided to play overseas. 

Nine freshmen declared for last year's NBA draft and they were all selected in the first round. The top four picks in the draft were all freshmen. 


- Brad Rowland