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Baylor RB Nacita no longer on team; NCAA denies ruling him ineligible

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Running back Silas Nacita is no longer a part of Baylor's football program and said in a message posted to his Twitter account that he has been ruled ineligible by the NCAA, but the organization later released a statement denying that claim. 

Baylor's AD also released a statement Wednesday saying that Nacita would no longer be a part of the team due to "rules violations." 

Nacita, who was homeless when he walked on at Baylor in June, said he accepted a close family friend's offer to put him in an apartment.

"In 2014, I was just a kid who couched surfed and took classes online at a community college, but I had a dream to play college football," Nacita wrote. "Throughout that year, I was able to earn enough academic scholarships to pursue that dream, but it was only enough to pay for school without a place to stay or any other living expenses. Still, I was satisfied with that because I knew the sacrifice I was making in order to pursue that dream. However, a few months before enrolling, a close family friend approached me and said they didn't want me sleeping on floors and wondering how I was going to eat the next meal, so they insisted on putting me in an apartment and helping out with those living expenses. Because I accepted that offer instead of choosing to be homeless, I am no longer eligible to play football and pursue my dream. I had no idea I was breaking any rules, but I respect the decision of the NCAA."

Baylor athletic director Ian McCaw released a statement on Wednesday about Nacita's ineligibility. 

"Silas Nacita will not be a part of the football program moving forward due to rules violations that impact his eligibility. We appreciate his contributions to Baylor football and wish him well as he completes his studies."

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The NCAA tweeted its statement later on Wednesday afternoon. 

Baylor coach Art Briles commented on the situation on Wednesday:

Over 13 games last season, Nacita rushed for 191 yards and three touchdowns.

- This post was updated after the NCAA released its statement