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USC coach Steve Sarkisian seeks treatment after alcohol incidents

Sarkisian said that he would "without a doubt" swear off alcohol for the rest of the season.
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USC coach Steve Sarkisian apologized again on Tuesday after multiple alcohol related incidents came to light in the past week.

On Tuesday, Sarkisian addressed reports that he routinely drank alcohol in the Trojans' locker room and apologized for his behavior at Saturday's donor event.

Sarkisian, 41, said he does not have a drinking problem but will seek treatment for his condition that resulted from mixing unspecified medication and alcohol. He also said he doesn't know if rehab will be a necessary measure. 

“The moral of story is this: When you mix meds with alcohol, you say things or do things, you regret," Sarkisian said on Tuesday regarding the donor event. According to a report from the SB Nation site Pacific Takes, Sarkisian appeared drunk at the event, and at times used severe language.

Sarkisian also said that he would “without a doubt” swear off alcohol for the rest of the season.

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Sarkisian clarified on Tuesday that there was never alcohol in players locker rooms after USC issued a ban on alcohol in locker rooms. Sarkisian did say that coaches had some alcohol available to celebrate big victories

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The team issued their own punishment for Sarkisian by having him do up-down drills that players routinely do to build leg, core, lower back and upper body strength. Quarterback Cody Kesslersaid Sarkisian was drenched in sweat by the time he was finished. 

Sarkisian is entering his second season as the Trojans head coach. USC went 9–4 in his first year at the helm before closing out the season with a with a 45–42 victory at the Holiday Bowl over Nebraska.

The Trojans open the 2015 season on Sept. 5 against Arkansas State.

- Christopher Chavez