Alabama's Week 1 depth chart lists five quarterbacks

Alabama head coach Nick Saban released the Crimson Tide's first depth chart of the season Monday.
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In a press conference Monday, Alabama head coach Nick Saban released the Crimson Tide's first depth chart of the season and indicated that he has not yet named the team's starting quarterback for Saturday's opener against Wisconsin.

Listed on the depth chart were five potential starters – Jake Coker, Cooper Bateman, Alec Morris, Blake Barnett and David Cornwell ​– with Coker, Bateman and Morris having gotten most of the action in camp. 

At the press conference, Saban said he would have liked to have named a starter months ago, but it is better to wait until the best performer separates himself from the pack.

“I think you can name a guy,”​ Saban said. “But if we named a guy and then that guy wasn't the best performer and then we had to unname him, what good does that do?”

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Saban also told reporters that the rest of the team's chemistry with its new quarterback will largely contribute to his decision.

“I would like somebody to win the team over which may not happen until they play,” Saban said. “When you have guys that haven’t played before, that’s the case.”

Alabama plays Wisconsin on Saturday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

- Kayla Lombardo