Watch: Arkansas beats Ole Miss in overtime on wild sequence

Down 52-45 in overtime, Arkansas came back to beat Ole Miss on a wild sequence of plays.
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Down 52-45 in overtime, Arkansas came back to beat Ole Miss on a wild sequence of plays.

Hunter Henry caught a pass on the right sideline on fourth and 25 in a do-or-die situation for the Razorbacks. As defenders dragged him down, he tossed an overhand throw toward the middle of the field. After the ball was tipped, running back Alex Collins recovered the loose ball and took off for 26 yards and a first down, giving Arkansas a new set of downs in the red zone. is reporting that Arkansas's fourth-down conversion should not have counted. According to NCAA Section 2 Article 2 Rule 8-3-2-d-5, it appears Collins should have never been allowed to run with the ball after recovering Henry's fumble. The rule specifically prevents an offensive team from advancing a fumble on fourth down. Under the rule, the play should have been dead once Collins recovered the fumble, which would have resulted in a turnover on downs and given Ole Miss the victory.

Here is the relevant text of the rule, per “On fourth down before a change of team possession, when a Team A fumble is caught or recovered by a Team A player other than the fumbler, the ball is dead.”

However, according to former Pac-12 coordinator of officials Dave Cutaia, the Arkansas play was legal because Henry's lateral was a backward pass rather than a fumble.

More updates to come as we get further clarification.

Arkansas scored two plays later on a pass from Brandon Allen to Drew Morgan to make it 52-51. The Razorbacks opted to go for two and the win, and Allen was sacked on the go-ahead play before a facemask penalty on Ole Miss gave Arkansas another shot. Arkansas went for it again, and Allen took a keeper into the end zone for the 53-52 win.

You can watch the plays below, beginning with Henry’s lateral to Collins.

And the game-winner:


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